Dividing the Spoils of a Relationship

A Neutral Third Party


When an emotional relationship ends, finding any common ground is often difficult. For people who have ending a long term relationship, being able to divide their belongings and assets could require them to find a neutral third party to help. Employing a neutral party does not signify they are unable to do what is necessary or make difficult decisions at the time, and it is often a way to speed up the process so they can begin to start their emotional lives over.

Disagreement on fundamental issues is often cited as a reason for a couple to split, and some of them believe their lack of harmony includes their personal belongings. Each person might want to keep a particular item, but the discussion on why they should get it can lead to arguments that never end. Giving their reasons to someone who is neutral might help them sort out the importance of their claim, and it can also help them realize their justifications are more about depriving their former partner.

It is very common for two people to share the purchase of large or expensive items if they are in a committed relationship, and finding a way to compromise on which one gets what can be emotionally taxing. A neutral third party has no emotional investment, and they can make decisions based on factual information. If there is a vehicle being disputed by both parties, they will look at who has the most economic investment in retaining it. If a house is at stake, they can help the couple look at the best solution for both parties in selling or retaining it.

The emotional ties between two people are torn to shreds when they decide to split, and their feelings can carry over to dividing the physical pieces of their relationship. Inviting a neutral person in to assist them is the best way to get past the emotion and move on with their new lives.