Dividing the Spoils of a Relationship

Emotional Balance during Dissolution


When a relationship of long standing dissolves, people are hurt and tend not to think clearly. Their emotional balance is far off center, and they seldom have the ability to regain it is immediately. The problem with being out of balance at this time is that the results will last a lifetime, and there will be regrets due to living in a fog. Finding clarity can take many forms, but it is important to realize how necessary it is when the relationship is over.

Recovering from a break up can take years, but divorce or moving out is generally done within a few months or even a few days. For a partner who feels they were ambushed with the decision, the time they need to heal is not available before they split with their partner. Retaining assets, keepsakes and family mementos takes a clear head, and they must be able to cope with these issues in the immediate future. If they do not keep their emotions in check, they will lose their possessions forever.

There is no amnesty or doing it over when a divorce or break up occurs, so finding a way to push painful emotions to the side is necessary. To be successful at this, it is often necessary to think only of one thing at a time. Each issue on dividing property should be taken separately, and that is the only thing the person should be thinking about at the time. Making a list, deciding what is important and sticking to it are all things an emotionally upset person should do to protect their own future.

It is always much easier to get into a relationship than to leave it, but it does not have to translate into losing everything that matters. While material items are often unnecessary for a good life, they are part of what people cherish. Ensuring a fair share of them by closing off emotional thinking takes discipline, but it can be done.