Dividing the Spoils of a Relationship

Family Loyalty


When two people make the choice to marry, they are said to be joining two families. This is looked upon as a good beginning, but few people consider what will happen if the relationship does not work out. Many people believe their own relatives will stick by their side through everything, but family loyalty might be divided in some circumstances. It can depend on the length of the relationship, but it might also be tied to the events that brought the couple to choose a divorce.

Children are often the smallest people with the biggest hearts, and they can be caught in a quandary when those they love split. Couples often feel their children should side with them, and they become pawns in the game of parental disapproval. It can be a disaster for them as they try to please their parents, and their feelings might be that they want to be with neither of them. Even nieces and nephews can become hurt and confused when divorce breaks apart their relationships.

Siblings and parents tend to side with their own family member, but a person who has cheated on their spouse is not always given the same consideration. If the spouse is a person who has become valued by the family, it can be another time when supporting a relative is difficult. These are circumstances where families tend to at least try to remain neutral rather than going to the aid and support of an in-law, but it is not always easy for them.

The support of relatives is often important for those going through a divorce, but family loyalties can become muddled when the circumstances are seen as wrong on their side of the relationship. If their loved one was hurt by the in-law, then are willing to be there. Those who have caused the break will often find their relatives are willing only to remain neutral instead of supportive.