Dividing the Spoils of a Relationship

The Importance of Memories


A chair or small side table might have been found while the couple was shopping one weekend. This item will have significance for both people, but they may not agree who should have custody of it after the split. Each person wants the good memories of acquisition, but they must question if it is worth the fight to retain it. The bad memories of an argument with a former partner may come to overshadow the good memories of happy time associated with a piece, and this makes it worthless as a memory.

There are times when one partner remembers nothing about acquiring an object, but they fight simply to make their partner upset. They know they are ruining any good memories their partner may have, and their goal is to do this as often as possible. This is the type of split that makes former lovers into sworn enemies. Destroying memories is a cruel way to get back at a former partner, but it is often what occurs when property is divided.

While it is difficult to remain civil, a wise partner knows keeping good memories intact is important. They do not want to look back and see they have wasted their life on another person, so they tend to not fight over pieces that bring them good or bad memories. They would rather retain the good memories they have, and leave their former partner with small items they no longer need or want.