Dividing the Spoils of a Relationship

Maintaining Dignity During Divorce


It has often been seen that there are some people determined to take everything they can when a relationship fails, and that is why divorce can be one of the ugliest times of a person's life. Love and friendship are what the couple should feel when they get married, yet leaving those feelings behind often turns into a contest to ensure there is a winner and a loser. If the couple is not able to find a way to divide their lives equitably, both of them are losers. Maintaining dignity during divorce means being fair and reasonable with a former love, and knowing that splitting up acquisitions fairly is the best way to end the relationship forever.

Real property is often a subject couples must deal with when they split, and it can be difficult for both of them. They might have purchased a house together, yet it has become a home over time. One of them may prefer to live somewhere new, and that can ease the strain of divorce. If both of them want to leave their former home behind, selling and splitting any profits is easiest. One person might want to retain the family home, so buying out a partner could be an option. The issue can become difficult if one tries hard to value the property too high, but a neutral assessment by a professional can keep both parties dealing fairly.

Personal items are often cherished possessions, and these may be what causes the most friction. A picture of a special event can be copied, yet a knickknack that was purchased during a vacation together does not have the same flexibility. If both former partners want that items, they will have to find a way to compromise. Splitting up mementos can be devastating, so finding a way to maintain dignity can be difficult. Giving in on a few items to get others might be the best way to work it out.

Assets and liabilities are all part of a normal life, but they can become a huge fight when couples split. Many times a neutral third party can help ensure both parties get a fair split, yet even that may become a reason to argue as the couple leaves their former life behind.