Dividing the Spoils of a Relationship

Foul or Fair


Being fair does not equate to letting a former partner have everything the couple acquired together. This is one of the largest mistakes people make, and they need to ensure they are not making needless sacrifices. They should be willing to stand their ground, but they must do this in the face of a partner who will fight for every object of their former relationship. The fight is worthwhile because a fair partner will be willing to compromise where the other person is simply greedy.

Greed is a weakness, but few people see this when splitting the items after a relationship ends. They believe they are entitled to these items simply because of the time they invested in the relationship. Their failure to see the other person's investment of time or assets is generally a reason for the break up, but they refuse to admit this fact.

Whether a person is willing to be fair or foul during a split, the property and assets must be divided. The person who is honest may lose some monetary value, but they will gain in character. A person who chooses to win by any means necessary make take more assets to their new home, but they have lost their partner who was probably the best asset of their life.